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Content is one of your most valuable assets. Don’t lock it away in an inflexible format.

Contensis stores your content as small reusable chunks – making it easy to manage and use across all your platforms.

Put an end to content hold-ups

Go content-first. Set up content types and give authors a head start on creating content before your designers have put pen to paper. Prototype and test your designs using real content in your favourite tools.

Reduce your time to market

Build your next project on solid foundations. Model your content without designing screens or coding templates. Create content types and link them together so that your team can start wireframing, scoping, and authoring content without delay.

Build a better authoring experience

Every team is different. Our flexible content type builder allows you to build an authoring experience that suits the shape of your content and the requirements of your authors.

Speed up your development workflow

Give your developers a CMS that makes their job easier, not harder. RESTful APIs make it easy to send and receive data from almost any other system.

{   "bookTitle" : "Add a book title",   "description" : "Enter a book description",    "sys" : {        "id" : "2339-e121-1441-1675",        "slug" : "add-a-page-title"    } } 
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We can arrange a face-to-face demonstration, video demonstration or provide you with a cloud installation for you to try out.