Here at Zengenti, we are proud to hold a position on the Government Procurement Service’s G-Cloud 2 Framework Agreement. To date, twenty eight of our Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) offerings can be seen on the CloudStore. The product range encompasses the Contensis Enterprise Content Management System, together with modules and extensions, covering a wide range of organisational scales and requirements.


The transition to offering Cloud-based solutions was a straightforward one for us, as we have been providing remotely hosted solutions to public sector clients for over a decade. Contensis is a natural fit for this, since it offers the only truly decoupled publishing model of any UK CMS product. This gives unprecedented flexibility and resilience to the published websites, and helps CloudStore clients achieve the agility and cost effectiveness that the GPS are looking for out of the framework.


We have already begun discussions with a number of potential clients who are interested in the CloudStore approach to procuring their next CMS. We are fully behind the initiative, as it offers substantial time and cost savings on both sides.

You can see the full Contensis SAAS range at the CloudStore, and feel free to talk to us about anything you see there.

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