Exclusive Partner Prices

As a Zengenti partner you can offer the power of the Contensis system at a lower rate than we offer commercially.

Regular Training Courses

Ensure your team can maximise the power and efficiency of Contensis by attending our training courses.

Online Support

Take advantage of our support forum, tutorials, articles, videos and training manuals.

Contensis Customers Base

Many notable UK organisations already use Contensis to power their online services. By mastering the CMS, you can unlock new clients. 

Some of our Contensis customers

Great for developers

Our WebAPI significantly speeds up development times. By using the Microsoft Razor engine, you can easily tap into our powerful codebase. 

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No Tie-ins

You are not obliged to use Contensis for every project you take on. (But once you’ve tried it, you probably will).

Peace of Mind

Knowing that there is a team of UK based Contensis experts. Our Professional Services team can help with the heavy lifting if you get too busy.




Increase revenues, deliver projects faster and deploy staff intelligently

If you choose not to become a Contensis partner, you can still enjoy the great features of the CMS. Just pay full price for your license and for any training courses.

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